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Springtime In The South – Chesterfield, VA

May 17, 2012

I took some pictures of spring flowers and new growth in my neighborhood.  I thought it would be interesting, especially for those who don’t live here.  The above picture of moss is in my yard where there are a lot of trees.  The spring rains have made the moss even more beautiful.  I’m going to do a post on moss soon.

Some early history of Chesterfield County; the Citie of Henricus founded in 1611 on the James River in hopes that it would replace swampy James Towne as a healthier alternative.  When Pocahontas was captured she was first taken to James Towne but Henricus was considered safer from Indian attack and her capture, so she was then taken to the Citie of Henricus.  It was there she converted to Christianity and met John Rolfe whose tobacco plantation, Varina Farm (Varina, VA), was just across the James from Henricus.  There were important coal mines here also (Mid-Lothian Mines Park).  They were one of the first major industrial sites in the country.  The coal supplied the furnaces at the ammunition factory at Westham near the present day Huguenot Bridge, crossing the James into Richmond, which supplied ammunition for Revolutionary War cannons.  Union troops during the Civil War considered them a main target for capture.  The mines have since played out and have been filled in.

Plantings surround the mail box up the street.My neighbor’s magnolia tree.  It’s really grown and branching over on my side.  How fortunate!a flower bud…

This magnolia bud is about to blossom.  The heady perfume fills the air, it flowers all summer long. This is the same blossom the next day.The insects are attracted by the sweet odor.Almost all the petals have fallen on this one and by fall the stamen will become full of red seeds.

Lovely irises against a white fence.  This neighbor has a vegetable garden on the other side of the fence in his back yard.

Another view of the irises and the fence.Creamy miniature roses climbing on one of the cedar trees in the backyard.

A closeup of the roses.Pink petunias at the grocery store.multiple colors…hydrangea…another view…And more petunias…

The largest azaleas I have ever seen.   The owners must feed them regularly!

This will give you an idea of their size.weeping willow down the street…

Wisteria along Midlothian Turnpike.


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  1. What a lovely set of photos presenting so beautiful flowers. I am very impressed from fourth and third photos from the bottom.

    • Thank you for visiting and your comment Sartenada! The azaleas are impressive, they are 6 1/2 ft. to 7 ft. tall! If there is any photo subject you are particularly interested in the Richmond metro area let me know and I can arrange to take pictures.

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