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My Pentax K-20 DSLR Camera Purchase

April 18, 2012

I have been in a sort of quandry about what I want this blog to be and I am also still deciding what type of white paint and technique to use on the upper kitchen cabinets.  Please be patient with me!  I’ve read you should specialize in one area, but It’s hard for me to stay on just one topic, there are so many things I am interested in – just like Martha Stewart. . . RIGHT!  Someone recently told me to “Just write about what you are interested in.” sounds like good advice to me!

Time 100 Shankbone post - stars and people who...

Time 100 Shankbone post - stars and people who matter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking I really needed a camera that was more flexible than my P&S (photographers’ jargon for a point and shoot camera) and be able to change the aperature (speed)  and focusing area,  I just purchased a four year old Pentax K-20 DSLR camera in almost mint condition with 14 pixels and no video.  I’m mainly concerned with getting good pictures right now, if I really need video I can use my P&S.

Little did I know how much some lenses cost for SLR’s until I got on the Pentax Forum site and started reading about cameras.  Fortunately I can use my father’s old manual Pentax lenses that were barely used on the model I purchased, which came with only a camera body, it also uses lenses that focus at the touch of a button.  Pentax is known for being able to adapt older lenses on newer models in addition to being a quality camera for the money (approximately half the cost of a Nikon for the same features!).  From what I understand Canon and Nikon lenses are far more expensive and can not be used on newer models.

SLR’s are new territory for me and I am still working things out.  They require more study and come with editing software CD’s (converting raw images into other formats) that are uploaded onto your computer.

This camera is more like a pro camera in that it is built like a tank, weighs several pounds and weather sealed, for the more serious shooter!  If dropped, in most cases, it won’t break.  You can take pictures in the rain.  I have read testimonies of these cameras falling into swimming pools and not being affected!

My new acquisition, Pentax K-20 DSLR

Only if you are really into photography you may not want to take this camera on a vacation, unless you don’t mind lugging extra pounds around. Bridge cameras (generally have longer telescoping lenses than P&S but do not have interchangeable lenses like DSLRs) are lighter, I understand Nikon and Canon’s Intro DSLRs  and of course the P&S are much lighter also.  Presently I am mostly using my P&S but as I practice with my SLR and get to know it I hope to use it for my blog and other photography interests.


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