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Small Things Mean A Lot – More Tassels As Accessories!

March 14, 2012
Tassels in A handbook of ornament (1898)

Image via Wikipedia

Tassels are a small accessory that packs a big punch, adding color and texture.  I have included some photos of how they can be used.

Please understand I have an inexpensive camera (which I hope to do something about in the near future).  Even with tweaking the photos and using a tripod when possible, they may not look as sharp and clear as they could with a better camera.

Right now you can find some of these tassels on, my shop name is MaisonArmoire or Edwina60.

Dark brown and white houndstooth tassel on a china cubboard door knob

Tassel on a mirror, well maybe not, but thought it looked neat!

Tassel on a floor lamp in my bedroom

As a favor at a dinner party!

How about several favors!

...and on a bamboo plate charger or dangle from the top of a table lantern or ceiling chandelier on your porch or logia!

If you would like to make a tassel click on craft at the top categories.  The “how to” for the tassel, I used an empty thread spool as stuffing for the top knob but a rolled up piece of fabric will work also.

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