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Kitchen Re-do: Make A Room Appear Larger Painting Accessories White

February 25, 2012

This post is a continuation of my sister’s kitchen re-do.   Today I am reducing some design “noise.”  You may ask, “What is design noise?”  It is too much line or design that can be caused by either too many accessories, furniture, color, texture or a combination thereof.   It makes for a confusing interior, not peaceful, beautiful or a place you would want to linger in.  At the same time you want a variety textures in a room to make it more interesting, just not too much!

 The kitchen is medium in size but it has a china cupboard in addition to the table and chairs which makes for a lot of furniture in the eating area.   The furniture is the same color; medium dark brown wood tones.  In addition to the furniture are medium to light wood oak cabinets causing the room to appear to be darker than it could be.  My solution to making the room appear larger and brighter is to add white paint to picture frames near the eating area and the top kitchen cabinets using a simple paint “wash” technique.  I chose this technique for my idea of a 1700’s Dutch interior.

Here is a photo of the pictures “before.”  They look pretty good except the antique gold frames are too formal for the 1700’s Holland rustic look, reducing the contrast will help in the whole design noise of the kitchen especially when the doors are open to the family room.

I antiqued the four gold picture frames white, reducing the design “noise,” (less contrast), by making them pastel like the walls.   Here is the “after” photo.  As you can see it is already looking lighter and brighter in the room!  The walls are going to need to be painted too.

As you can see it is looking ligher and brighter!  I simply added water to my paint until I got the consistency needed for my look and just painted the frames with the pictures intact, using a razor blade to scrape the paint off when it dried, very easy!

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