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Kugelhopt Cake As Big As A Tree!

February 23, 2012

Soooo. . .  you ask, “What is kugelhopt cake and how can it be as big as a tree?”  “Easy!” replies Mother Nature, “Just add freezing temperatures, clouds, crystalline water ice, and. . .!Voila!  KUGELHOPT CAKE!! . . . right down to the dusting of powdered sugar. . . errr. . .SNOW!”

If you are unsure as to exactly what kugelhopt cake is. . . kugelhopt is a term used in southern Germany, Alsatia, Switzerland, Austria and is a cake made of risen yeast with raisins and almonds or candied fruits and nuts with Kirschwasser cherry brandy, baked in a pan similar to a bundt.  Some regions add fillings.  Usually it is eaten with coffee at coffee breaks.

The names for this cake in other parts of Germany and Europe are:  bundkuchen, napfkuchen, kuglof, kouglof, guguluf, babovka, wacker, wacka, kugluh, sarkelj. . . .  do you feel like your tongue is going places in your mouth it has never been before?!?!!?!!!


 went outside this week and I saw something ASTONISHING. . . . HUGE Kugelhopt Cakes as BIG AS TREES!!!  I walked around in AMAZEMENT taking pictures so I could prove they were actually the size of. . . welllll. . . . BUILDINGS!!!  There were whole FORESTS of KUGELHOPT CAKES!!!!. . . . . AS FAR AS THE EYE COULD SEE!!!!!

Kugelhopt cakes in the office park on the front lawn!

This is not an English garden with kugelhopt cake yews, it’s Dominion Power!

Kugelhopt cakes standing like sentinels guarding the dentist’s office!

I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a trrr. . .uuhhhhh. . . .KUGELHOPT CAKE?!?!!

Kugelhopt cakes heavy with powder, ready to be sliced!

Kugelhopt cakes, enough to feed a crowd!

Even the lowly back parking lot graced with kugelhopt cakes!

No one in this office park will have to make a run to Dunkin’ Donuts TODAY!!!


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