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Kitchen Re-Do: Falling In Love Again

February 11, 2012

How often do we put up with boring surroundings when with some minor changes it can become visually exciting.  Beautiful surroundings can recharge our batteries and make us feel better.  It creates a more stimulating environment encouraging us to entertain and connect with family and friends.

I am making DIY surface changes, that anyone can do to my sister’s kitchen, that include;  organizing, painting/staining cabinets and a small butcher block island, sewing cafe curtains.  I will know more as I the project evolves.

My sister and I like to use what we already have, if possible.  Why buy when you probably already own it!  Things can be reused, or repurposed in a different way, creating a new look.  It’s a matter of knowing how to put them together that makes the difference.  I will show some techniques that I used to help with clutter in designing smaller spaces.  They can also be useful in larger spaces.

I found a bolt of Breton blue and white plaid loose weave cotton that was originally bought to cover chair seats in the kitchen.  It goes well with the Delft 17th/18th century style brass chandelier, white trim and furniture styles from different periods.  I thought it would be fun to give the kitchen a flavor of the same time period since the fabric is similar to what was used, only it was very expensive at the time, so not many had curtains.

It’s fun to design!  You can create whatever you dream with some creativity and research.  I have included some pictures of a historical kitchen/living space in the Netherlands to give a glimpse of this time period.

Pilgrims lodging in the Netherlands

I made removable chandelier covers in the Breton blue/white fabric.  I realize now I should have made them looser and cruder to look more like they fit the time period.  I may go back later and remake them.  The blue and white fabric of the covers and the curtains give the room a fresh bright look highlighting the white trim around the door and windows.  Right at about this point I began to realize there was blue/white ware scattered between the family room and kitchen.  My sister loving the color, had collected many pieces, but now felt she didn’t like them as well.

Grouping similar objects can be a very powerful tool and become a focal point in a room.  It’s also a way to display many objects together without them appearing overcrowded.  My sister had cleverly put the blue/white ware on top of the china closet and I just continued her idea, adding a few more pieces, freeing up space elsewhere.  I also placed some large and smaller pieces in the cabinet at the same time weeding out some smaller pieces, so as not to look too busy.  I WON!…putting in far more than I took out!

There were a number of attractive baskets that I gathered up with twine and hung on an already existing plate rack above the window (nails hammered into the top surface of the trim would work also), freeing up more precious shelf space.  I used the same technique for the some of the copper ware collection, only over the kitchen sink.   A while later, my sister came into the kitchen, looking around, commented that she really liked the new basket, copper and blue/white ware arrangements. Breathing a sigh of relief, I thought, you could say she has fallen in love again!


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